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Tokyu Land, SOFTBANK's Data-Driven Project: Smart City Takeshiba

Source: Softbank

Why it matters: Tokyu Land Corporation and SOFTBANK Corporation are collaborating on the Smart City Takeshiba project in Tokyo, which aims to address urban challenges using real-time data.

The project focuses on disaster preparedness and improving visitor flow, critical issues for modern cities, especially those in disaster-prone regions such as Japan.

The Key Points:

  • Launched in 2019, the Smart City Takeshiba project integrates Tokyu Land Corporation's urban development capabilities with SOFTBANK's technology expertise to create a real-time monitoring and information dissemination service.

  • The project uses a digital twin to simulate potential disaster scenarios, enhancing disaster prevention capabilities.

  • Another feature of the project is a centralized disaster prevention information service that aims to provide an accurate, real-time understanding of the city's situation during emergencies.

  • The project also includes measures to assist people who cannot immediately return home during a disaster, using digital twin technology to improve communication and facilitate evacuation.

The Big Picture: The Smart City Takeshiba project highlights the role of real-time data and advanced digital technologies in solving urban challenges. Given Japan's vulnerability to earthquakes, its focus on disaster preparedness is particularly relevant.

In addition to emergency response strategies, the project aims to enhance the visitor experience and improve mobility within the city.

The collaboration between Tokyu Land Corporation and SOFTBANK could provide a framework for other cities worldwide to address similar urban issues, marking a significant step toward creating future smart cities.