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Toss Place Launches Payment Devices to Streamline Offline Store Operations

Photo by Blake Wisz / Unsplash

Toss Place has launched two new payment devices to accelerate offline stores’ digital transformation.

The devices, Toss Terminal and Toss Front have been tested in more than 200 stores in the Seoul metropolitan area over the past five months to verify the speed and reliability of payments.

The company focused its testing on food and beverage stores, where payments are concentrated at certain times of the day.

The device delivered an error-free payment experience even in stores with an average of more than 400 payments per day.

The Toss Place device is designed for convenience with a pair of terminals, one for the owner and one for the customer.

The front device supports a variety of payment methods, including barcodes, QR codes, near-field communication, and magnetic stripe transfers.

The 7-inch display can also be used for promotional purposes, displaying information about in-store events.

Toss POS was also introduced, a free point-of-sale management software that provides a simple and intuitive user experience.

Starting with the device, Toss Place plans to make it a digital assistant to the boss by connecting store management, inventory management, customer management, and tax solutions around the payment device.

Toss Place’s focus on convenience and simplicity will likely appeal to many store owners looking to streamline their operations, especially as offline stores look to accelerate their digital transformation to meet customers’ changing needs in the pandemic era.

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