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Tossbank's 'Earn the Interest Now' service with 2.98 million customers in one year.

Source: Tossbank

Tossbank announced that its “Get the Interest Now” service had become a national financial service within one year of its launch.

The service had 2.98 million customers and disbursed KRW 267 billion in interest during the period. In addition, people of all ages used the service more than 150 million times.

With the “Earn Interest Now” service, customers who have a Tossbank savings account can receive interest instantly, once a day, whenever they want.

Customers receive interest based on a “daily compounding” structure that accumulates based on the remaining balance each day.

Tossbank passbook account holders receive a basic interest rate of 2.2% per annum (pre-tax) and 3.8% per annum (pre-tax) for over KRW 50 million.

The service is available to half of Tossbank’s six million customers. In addition, customers of all ages have received the Get Interest Now service well.

The service is most popular among customers in their 20s (25.4%), followed closely by customers in their 40s (23.9%) and 30s (18.6%). Customers follow this in their 50s (15.4%), teenagers (11%), and customers in their 60s (5.5%).

According to Tossbank’s analysis, customers’ need for “interest wealth management” exists regardless of age.

According to a Tossbank representative, the service has become a national financial service within one year due to its customer-centric banking approach.

Tossbank intends to continue protecting its customers’ “financial sovereignty” by following its values.

The “Earn Interest Now” service has provided Tossbank customers with some of the best interest rates and innovative services in the financial sector with just one bank account.

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