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Kidari Studio and Twig Farm to Accelerate Global Webtoon Expansion

Source: TwigFarm

Twig Farm, an AI natural language processing company, has agreed with Kidari Studio, a comprehensive content platform company, to provide a webtoon-specific translator.

Existing translators need to be more suitable for webtoons.

Webtoons have a high proportion of colloquial language and images, which makes localization time-consuming.

Twig Farm’s translator uses text and image information for accurate translation.

The company has been conducting natural language processing since its founding in 2016.

It has developed custom translators based on AI.

Twig Farm’s LETR WORK and LETR API services support content localization with AI-based software as a service.

The company’s R&D projects are aimed at improving the localization environment for K-content and supporting the global media business.

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