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UNNI App Launches - Your Guide to Korean Medical Aesthetics

Source: Healing Paper

SEOUL, South Korea - Healing Paper, known for its influential South Korean plastic surgery information platform 'Gangnam Unni,' has launched 'UNNI,' an application targeting foreign users seeking Korean dermatology and plastic surgery services. 

South Korean medical aesthetics is becoming more accessible to people around the world.

Why It Matters:

UNNI aims to streamline the process for international users to access information about Korean medical aesthetics, a sector that has seen growing interest worldwide.

The app solves the language barrier issue with a multilingual chat consultation service in 13 languages, improving accessibility for non-Korean speakers.

It addresses the challenges foreign users face in navigating the South Korean beauty clinic market, particularly the issue of middlemen, by providing direct access to clinic information and reviews.

The Key Points

  • Since its launch in 2015, 'Gangnam Unni' has collected over 1.3 million reviews, providing details on prices and services at Korean clinics. Building on this foundation, 'UNNI' is expanding these services to an international audience with information on approximately 1,800 South Korean clinics.
  • UNNI's multilingual chat consultation feature, which supports languages such as Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese through an automatic translation system, is a strategic move to cater to a diverse user base.
  • Healing Paper's successful expansion into the Japanese market with 'Gangnam Unni,' which has grown to over 700,000 users, illustrates the potential for 'UNNI' in other international markets.

What They Say:

Seung-il Hong, CEO of Healing Paper, discusses the competitive landscape of the South Korean medical market post-COVID-19, highlighting the importance of advanced medical infrastructure and technology. 

Hong emphasizes the company's commitment to providing reliable medical information to international consumers and promoting Korean medical services globally.

What Comes Next

Healing Paper's operational strategy includes a three-pronged approach: continuing the success of Gangnam Unni in Korea and Japan and expanding "UNNI" to other international markets. 

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