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Source: LG Electronics

SEOUL, South Korea - Reflecting changing market dynamics and consumer demographics, LG Electronics has extended its webOS Hub 2.0S, designed initially for TVs, to support smart monitors. 

This development is in response to the expanding smart TV market and a notable increase in single-person households.

Why It Matters:

The extension of webOS Hub 2.0S to smart monitors demonstrates LG's adaptation to evolving consumer needs, particularly in single-person households.

LG's strategy highlights a shift in focus from traditional family-oriented smart TVs to more versatile smart monitors that appeal to a broader audience.

The update could signal a trend in the consumer electronics industry toward more integrated and adaptable home technology solutions.

The Key Points

  • Shifting audience: Originally focused on single-family homes, the rise of single-person households has prompted LG to address the growing demand for smart monitors.
  • Improved hardware customization: The update to webOS Hub 2.0S improves compatibility, allowing third-party brands to offer consumers a more personalized experience.
  • New features: The platform now includes the Card App Home Hub & Music, providing easy access to various services and a dashboard for managing smart home devices.
  • Diverse user needs: The system is designed to support multiple activities, from music streaming and remote PC access to video calling and home fitness, as well as compatibility with Apple Home and AirPlay.

What they say:

"There is a growing demand for smart monitors with robust functionality,"

said LG CTO Dr. I.P. Park.

"By extending webOS Hub to monitors, we can meet the needs of single-person households for both work and entertainment."

What Comes Next:

LG aims to make webOS ubiquitous across all screens for a consistent user experience. 

The strategic expansion aligns with market shifts toward flexible hybrid work and entertainment solutions. 

This strategy could set new interoperability and user experience standards in the smart home technology sector.

As single-person households become more common, LG is seizing the opportunity to bring its intuitive webOS platform to the living room and the desktop.

*Note: Certain features such as Apple Home, AirPlay, and USB camera support are limited to the 1.5GB model equipped with webOS Hub 2.0S.