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WeMade and Microsoft Explore Strategic Gaming Collaborations

Photo by Sam Pak / Unsplash

WeMade (KOSDAQ: 112040) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) are exploring collaboration opportunities, including console game releases.

The two companies discussed partnership opportunities following a strategic investment from Microsoft in November 2022.

WeMade, the only Asian gaming company to receive investment from Microsoft since 2022, is developing a new game through its subsidiary, This Means War.

The game, currently titled This Means War, will be a Warverse simulation that reflects real-world terrain and will be WeMade's first console-supported game.

Discussions are underway to bring the game to Microsoft's gaming platform.

Microsoft continues to optimize its Azure cloud platform, integrating AI and machine learning technologies to increase productivity and reduce costs for game developers.

Currently, WeMade is using Azure to deliver game services globally to more than 170 countries.

Following the successful "Mir 4 Global" launch in August 2021, WeMade's Azure cloud traffic experienced significant growth in 2022.

This trend continued with the launch of "Mir M Global" earlier this year and the newly released MMORPG "Night Crows."

Launched on April 27, 2023, "Night Crows" has quickly gained popularity, reaching the top in both Google and Apple markets.

It is also expected that the game will be combined with blockchain and launched globally by WeMix in the second half of 2023.

The collaboration between Microsoft and WeMade highlights a growing trend of synergistic partnerships in the gaming industry.

As such, the two companies are expected to continue to find sustainable ways to work together.