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Instagram Tops Korean Social Media, But Preferences Vary

Photo by dole777 / Unsplash

Which Social Media application is the most beloved application for South Korean users?

The answer is Instagram.

According to the WiseApp/WiseRetail, South Korean users used 4.7 billion minutes for the Instagram application last November. The Runner-up was Facebook, with 3.9 billion minutes.

Naver Café (2.4 billion minutes), Twitter (2.1 billion minutes), Band by Naver (1.6 billion minutes), Daum Café (1.4 billion minutes), Kakao Story (0.3 billion minutes), and Naver Blog (0.3 billion minutes) followed with the minutes’ usages.

The popularity of social media usage by the generation showed differences.

Generation Z used social media based on pictures or video-sharing compared with other generations. The 10s and 20s were keen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The generation over the 30s used their social media more on community features.

The South Korean-oriented community services like Naver Café, Daum Café, and Band by Naver were the most famous and extended applications in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Here is the ranking among the generations as below.

  • For Teenagers: Facebook > Instagram > Twitter > Band by Naver > Naver Café
  • For 20s: Instagram > Facebook > Twitter > Daum Café > Naver Café
  • For 30s: Instagram > Naver Café > Facebook > Daum Café > Twitter
  • For 40s: Naver Café > Instagram > Band by Naver > Facebook > Daum Café
  • For 50s:  Band by Naver > Naver Café > Facebook > Instagram > Kakao Story

The 20s showed the most prolonged social media usage hours compared with other generations.

The 50s and overages showed the least hours used compared with different ages.

The survey was conducted with Android and iOS smartphones, with users over 10 in South Korea only.