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Yahoo! Chiebukuro Adds Anthropic's Claude 3 to AI Answers

Source: LY Corporation

Tokyo, Japan—Yahoo! Chiebukuro, operated by Yahoo Japan, is a knowledge-sharing platform that has announced the incorporation of the Anthropic Claude 3 AI model into its AI-powered answering feature. 

The feature, which employs AI to generate responses to user inquiries, will now respond to two distinct AI models.

Since its trial launch in November 2023 with OpenAI's AI model, the feature has responded to over 750,000 inquiries across 457 categories. 

The incorporation of Claude 3, accessible via Amazon Web Services' Bedrock platform, is intended to enhance the responses' diversity.

Users may opt to receive AI-generated responses to their queries, with answers generated relatively briefly. 

Human users can post answers after the AI response, enabling the questioner to consider both AI and human-generated answers. 

Furthermore, the questioner may designate AI responses as the "best answer."

As indicated in the press release, LINE Yahoo, the operator of Yahoo! Chiebukuro, is dedicated to enhancing the platform to assist users in identifying solutions to their problems and challenges.