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Yahoo! Japan App Gets Camera Search for Products and Celebrities

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan - LINE Yahoo Corporation's Yahoo! Japan mobile application has launched a new camera search feature that allows users to search for products, celebrities, and images using smartphone photos.

Camer Search Details include 

  • Allows users to search for similar products, celebrities, and images using photos taken or stored on their smartphones.
  • Eliminates the need for text entry, making it easier to search for items or people when names or descriptions are unknown.
  • Based on positive user feedback from the existing Android Yahoo!
  • Leverages Yahoo's LINE AI facial analysis technology.
  • Matches facial features to celebrities and displays similarity scores.
  • Provides celebrity names, related images, and profiles.

Product search capabilities:

  • It supports multiple categories, including fashion, home, and electronics.
  • Plans to expand to additional categories in the future.

Usage Situations:

  • Find similar products seen in magazines or social media.
  • Identify celebrities or find look-alikes among friends and family.
  • Find similar images or websites related to a specific photo.

The More:

The feature is powered by LINE Yahoo's artificial intelligence image analysis technology and supported by NAVER Corporation in South Korea.

While promising convenience, LINE Yahoo reminds users to respect the rights of others when taking photos and to share personal images only with permission. 

The company sees the update as a step toward creating an all-encompassing life platform through Yahoo!