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Source: Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan—Yahoo! Browser, a browser application developed by Yahoo Japan, has introduced a new feature that enables users to search for automobile models, prices, and other basic information by photographing the vehicle in question.

The "Car Search" feature employs AI to identify the make, model, and even the vehicle's year from a user-uploaded image. 

The extracted features are compared with a database of approximately 3,000 car models provided by CarView!, a Japanese automotive website.

Users may search for cars using images that they have taken themselves, saved on their smartphones, or found on web pages.

The search results display the car's name, the price it was initially sold, its dimensions, and the model year.

For the most recent automotive models, the feature also includes a "360-degree view," which enables users to examine the vehicle's exterior and interior from various angles. 

At present, 135 models are supported by this function.

Yahoo Japan, which aims to provide a platform that will astonish users and bring joy to their everyday lives, has stated that it will continue to enhance and expand the browser's search capabilities to enhance user convenience.