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Yahoo Japan Launches AI-Powered Product Review Summaries

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan—In a recent development, Yahoo Japan has introduced a new feature that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize product reviews in search results. 

The "Review AI Summary" feature employs an automated process to extract and summarize a product's positive and negative aspects from user reviews on Yahoo Shopping. 

Up to five summaries, each with a positive or negative aspect, are displayed with the search results. 

The objective of the feature is to facilitate users' product comparison and purchase, as 20% of Yahoo Japan searches are related to shopping. 

The AI-generated summaries complement existing search features, allowing users to rapidly ascertain the prevailing sentiment towards a given product without the necessity of reading individual reviews.

The feature is under Yahoo Japan's objective of enhancing the online shopping experience and distinguishing its offerings from those of competitors. 

The feature, powered by OpenAI's API, is accessible on smartphones and browsers.