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Yahoo Japan Tool Uses AI to Uncover Hidden User Needs

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan - LY Corporation's data analytics service, Yahoo Data Solutions, will introduce three test features incorporating generative AI into its DS.INSIGHT desk research tool. 

The move is designed to help companies uncover hidden consumer needs and trends from search and people flow data.

The first feature, Co-occurring Keywords, will launch on March 7 and display keywords searched in conjunction with specific terms. 

The AI-generated insights, presented in text format, will help analyze hidden needs by considering connections between search terms that may be difficult to see at first.

This follows the introduction of a feature in DS.INSIGHT People in October 2023, where generative AI categorizes search term data and provides analysis results, including trend interpretation and search conclusions. 

The new feature is expected to uncover hidden keyword relationships in large data sets, potentially inspiring new business ideas and streamlining data analysis processes.

LINE Yahoo Japan said the integration of generative AI into DS.INSIGHT is part of the company's efforts to make data analysis more accessible and efficient for businesses, local governments, and educational institutions. 

The company plans to promote AI technologies further to help users leverage data for problem-solving and business growth.

The introduction of these AI-powered tools underscores the growing importance of data analytics across industries and the potential of generative AI to extract valuable insights from large data sets.