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Source: Yahoo! Japan

Tokyo, Japan - Yahoo! Japan Corporation has added a "Look Around" feature to the Yahoo! Maps application for iOS.

This addition allows users to view a 360-degree panorama of a selected location.

Why it matters:

This expansion is part of Yahoo's broader strategy to leverage technology for convenience.

Its commitment to expanding Yahoo Maps functionality is part of its continued commitment to technological innovation and is of interest to investors and strategists following technology.

The Key Points

  • What It Does: The "Look Around" feature allows users to tap a location on a map, viewing a 360-degree image of the surroundings, including streets and buildings.
  • How It Works: Users can tap or hold a location, a detailed card with a photo appears, and a 360-degree view is enabled by tapping the photo. Users can navigate through this view.
  • Compatibility and Availability: This feature is available on iOS16 or later and is aligned with the areas covered by the "Look Around" function of iOS.
  • Safety Consideration: Yahoo! Maps recommends users ensure they are safely stopped and check their surroundings before operating the system.

The Big Picture

The addition of Look Around to Yahoo! Maps is consistent with the company's goal of making navigation more convenient and efficient.

The feature is designed to help users find destinations and routes and can be used in various contexts, such as daily navigation or vacation planning.

The feature does not display photos and only supports walking, biking, and driving route searches.

Yahoo! Japan's launch of the Look Around feature reflects a broader industry trend toward increased use of technology to enhance the user experience.