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Yogiyo and Neubility Launch Robot Delivery in South Korea

Source: Yogiyo

SEOUL, South Korea — Yogiyo, a South Korean food delivery app, and Neubility, an autonomous robot maker, have partnered to launch a robot delivery service. 

The pilot program is scheduled to commence in Songdo, Incheon, this August.

The companies will collaborate on several fronts, including further developing the service, integrating systems, and advancing marketing initiatives. 

In the test area, customers can order from robot-enabled restaurants via the Yogiyo app, with Neubility's robots delivering to designated locations.

Neubility, which operates the largest outdoor autonomous robot fleet in South Korea, plans to expand the service by leveraging its experience from 15 domestic locations and international operations.

In January, the company's "Neubie" robot received South Korea's inaugural outdoor mobile robot safety certification, paving the way for sidewalk operation nationwide.

Yogiyo's objective is to extend the service to Seoul and other metropolitan areas by the end of the year, with a particular focus on residential zones and university campuses.

The Chief Technology Officer of Yogiyo posited that robot delivery is becoming an increasingly viable alternative to address rider shortages during periods of peak demand and orders in difficult-to-access locations.

The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the agreement or the number of robots to be deployed. 

As the service expands, it will compete with other technology companies and delivery platforms, exploring analogous autonomous delivery solutions in the rapidly evolving South Korean market.