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Zepeto Collaborates with Big Bang's Taeyang for Comeback Celebration

Source: Naver Z

Zepeto, Asia’s largest metaverse platform with over 400 million subscribers worldwide, has announced a series of events to celebrate the comeback of Big Bang member Taeyang. 

In collaboration with Taeyang, Zepeto plans to sell limited-edition items tailored to the artist’s comeback concept, offering fans a unique way to express their support.

In addition, Zepeto will host a TikTok challenge where users can create content with Taeyang’s Zepeto avatar by using the platform’s booth to easily create and share videos featuring the choreography of the new song ‘VIBE.’

Zepeto has worked with various entertainment companies and K-POP artists in the past, such as holding a virtual fan signing event for BLACKPINK, producing Zepeto World, releasing content before the official debut of NMIXX, holding an ITZY comeback booth event, and supporting the live streaming of the BTS Busan concert. 

In addition, Zepeto is building a solid ecosystem for creators by offering various support measures such as Zepeto Buildit and Zepeto Studio so anyone can easily create, share, and enjoy the content. 

As of December last year, the total number of content directly created by users was around 3.4 million, and the total number of feed reactions or user interactions was over 40 billion.