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AI's Impact on Music Production & Content Creation by CJ ENM

Source: CJ ENM

Seoul, South Korea - CJ ENM has launched 'VIODIO (VIODIO: CJ ENM Air),' an AI-driven music service.

Why it matters: 

In drama production, the time for music production has been limited by cost, time, and copyright issues. 

AI-generated music would make the industry more efficient.

The Key Points

AI music production process: VIODIO provides a system for generating AI-composed background music within 5 minutes. The process requires users to enter keywords based on mood, theme, and genre.

Production efficiency: AI can save significant time and cost, especially when sourcing around 100 soundtracks for a single piece of content.

Address copyright concerns: A benefit of this system is its potential to bypass copyright complications, allowing for more streamlined global content distribution.

Partnership with PozaLabs: The technology behind VIODIO results from collaborating with PozaLabs. CJ ENM invested in PozaLabs last year, securing its position as the second-largest shareholder.

Reusable music database: Music produced by the CJ ENM team and incorporated into content is archived in a database for future access and use.

The Big Picture

Service development: VIODIO is currently in beta testing. The full version is expected to be released early next year, incorporating feedback from the production team and further enhancements.

Expanding the use of AI: An official from CJ ENM stated that the company intends to integrate AI into its production processes. These include content planning, trend analysis, IP identification, and assistance with computer graphics (CG), captions, and background images. Distribution strategies, including predicting user traffic patterns by country and platform, will also benefit from AI.

Commitment to AI expansion: To further explore AI-related ventures and maintain its investments in technology companies, CJ ENM established the "AI Business Promotion Team" in August.