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AMUSE and SUPERLABS Collaborate on AI Virtual Human Ambassador

Source: Superlabs

SUPERLABS, a NAVER'S SNOW company specializing in generative AI-based services, has partnered with AMUSE, a vegan lifestyle wellness and beauty brand.

Together, they will introduce AMARA, a virtual human designed to communicate the brand's values of veganism, wellness, and positivity to users.

As an ambassador for AMUSE, AMARA will be promoted through the brand's official social media channels and other platforms, targeting domestic and international consumers.

To create AMARA, SUPERLABS used generative AI technology and complete 3D modeling techniques to transform AMUSE's brand identity into a virtual human.

Applying photorealistic rendering techniques makes AMARA's movements in the introductory video appear more natural.

AMUSE will unveil AMARA for the first time on May 2 at its official mall and Instagram account.

In addition, a pop-up store called "Peach Planet" centered around AMARA will be held at Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido for two weeks starting May 11.

Jinsoo Jeon, CEO of SUPERLABS, emphasized that the rapid advancement of generative AI technology is expanding the scope and natural expression of virtual humans.

Therefore, SUPERLABS is committed to creating a platform that enables high-quality virtual humans' easy creation and uses in various fields.

Lee Seung-min, CEO of AMUSE, said that through AMARA, the company plans to create a fresh experience for AMUSE fans worldwide by communicating the brand's worldview through digital communication based on the MZ generation, which is significantly different from existing beauty brands.

Established in March last year, SUPERLABS has introduced image production platforms based on generative AI technology, such as Lasco AI and virtual human MOA.

In addition to generative AI image production, the company plans to offer a platform that allows users to quickly and conveniently create virtual humans.