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bemyfriends Upgrades b.stage for Custom Branding

Source: bemyfriends

Seoul, South Korea - bemyfriends, the global fandom business builder, announced an update to its all-in-one fandom solution, b.stage.

The upgrade focuses on custom branding and provides business owners and fans with options.

Why it matters:

The update gives b.stage users more options for brand customization, which can be crucial in the competitive digital branding landscape.

It can allow business owners to play a more significant role in shaping their digital presence and engaging with their fan base.

The Key Points:

  • Branded Covers & Layouts: The update allows owners to create their branded cover design, content layout, etc., reflecting their brand image.
  • Social Media Integration: Includes integration with up to 20 external social media profiles, making b.stage a central hub for fandom business.
  • Free access: These new features will be accessible on the b.stage admin page.
  • Optimized mobile and PC versions: The update allows the mobile and PC versions to be designed differently with user experience in mind.

The Big Picture:

This update comes when branding on significant platforms is often limited. b.stage's update offers an individual approach to these limitations.

With a broad portfolio of services, including live streaming service FLNK, fandom consulting, and more, bemyfriends is looking to strengthen its position in the global fandom business market.