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BitBlue joins the Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS) program.

Source: BitBlue

SEOUL, South Korea - BitBlue, a Web 3 startup in personal value investing, has been spotlighted as the latest addition to the Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS).

The Key Points

TIPS Endorsement: TIPS operator Mashup Angels endorsed BitBlue's inclusion in TIPS. TIPS, a prominent technology startup support program in South Korea, provides selected startups up to KRW 500 million for R&D over two years.

NFT Integration: BitBlue's service is anchored in Web3 methodologies, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company aims to quantify individual value by developing a unique valuation model. Its service offerings include Know-Yourself, a Web3 platform that converts personal creations such as images and music into tradable NFTs, and NFTainment, a specialized NFT platform.

Beta Testing on the Horizon: BitBlue is preparing to launch a test version in Q4 2023. This initial release will spotlight virtual celebrities to increase public engagement and accessibility.

What is Next?  

The Vision: The company has a unique investment approach. Leveraging Web 3.0 technology, BitBlue enables users to invest directly in creators ranging from entertainers to influencers. The service will expand beyond traditional tangible assets to include intangible assets.

The Team: Led by CEO Sangsik Joo, a seasoned executive with more than 17 years of experience leading futuristic tech ventures at SM Entertainment, BitBlue's team includes veterans from the entertainment, blockchain, and IT industries. These include CSO Jun Tak Yoon, formerly of SK Planet and IBM Korea, and senior executives with significant tenure at SM Entertainment and Dear You.

The Partnership with Polygon Labs: BitBlue's global ambitions are evident in its strategic partnership with Polygon Labs. This alliance focuses on several areas: technology expansion, business model formulation, and international marketing. By leveraging Polygon Labs' advanced blockchain technology and extensive global reach, BitBlue aims to strengthen the reliability of its NFT technology and Web 3.0 platform.

BitBlue's pursuit of integrating personal value with Web 3.0, its emphasis on NFTs, and its strategic partnerships underscore the growing importance of NFTs in the entertainment and personalization sectors.

As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, BitBlue's efforts mark a critical step in redefining personal value in the digital age.