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Building South Korea's AI Semiconductor Capabilities Through Public-Private Partnerships

Source: Naver Cloud

Seoul, South Korea - Naver Cloud announced the completion of the first year of its "AI Semiconductor Farm Construction and Demonstration" project. 

The project, supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), aims to enhance South Korea's cloud competitiveness and advance AI semiconductor technology.

Why It Matters:

The project is a critical component of South Korea's strategy to strengthen its position in the global technology sector, particularly in AI and cloud computing.

It represents a significant step in developing domestic AI semiconductor capabilities, with potential implications for the global market.

The Key Points

  • The project, which will run from May 2023 to November 2025, is part of the larger "K-Cloud" initiative.
  • Its goals include developing computing infrastructure using domestic AI semiconductors, building, and operating cloud platforms, and demonstrating AI application services.
  • A consortium led by Naver Cloud, including NHN Cloud and KT Cloud, works with AI semiconductor companies Furiosa AI, Rebellions, and SAPEON Korea.
  • The project plans to build 3.5 petaflops (PF) main neural processing unit (NPU) computing capacity, with additional contributions from consortium members.

What They Say:

Kang Min-seok, public business leader at Naver Cloud, emphasizes the growing importance of AI semiconductors in the era of generative AI and large language models. 

He notes the project's role in driving demand for domestic AI semiconductors and AI SaaS solutions.

What Comes Next:

The project's roadmap spans three years, with milestones set for each phase.

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