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ChatGPT Boosts Productivity and Optimism Among Developers, Survey Shows

Photo by Sanket Mishra / Unsplash

A recent survey conducted by career tech startup Publy, which operates the developer community, highlights the positive outlook for ChatGPT’s growth potential among developers.

The survey, which included responses from 423 users, found that 46% of respondents actively use ChatGPT for work, while another 24% use it frequently but not for work.

Developers primarily use ChatGPT to search for development information and code, similar to Google searches (48%). Other use cases include writing code (13%), creating documents such as reports (13%), performing repetitive tasks (9%), and reviewing code for errors and bugs (7%).

Respondents believe ChatGPT will experience rapid growth within 3-5 years (69%), while 13% think it will only partially replace humans, and 11% believe it is already advanced enough to do so.

As for the impact of OpenAI on developer jobs, including ChatGPT, 49% of developers believe it will have a positive effect due to increased productivity.

However, 32% of respondents expect a decrease in developer jobs within the next 3-5 years. Despite potential job concerns, developers view OpenAI as a productivity-enhancing tool, using it to improve code quality and explore more effective development methods.

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