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Colosseum Secures Investment from Hyosung Ventures

Source: Colosseum Corporation

Seoul, South Korea - Colosseum Corporation has received an undisclosed strategic investment from Hyosung Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of the Hyosung Group.

The investment recognizes Colosseum's advanced solutions and process improvement capabilities in the burgeoning e-commerce logistics market. 

Colosseum operates a network of 41 global logistics centers covering 260,000 square meters, deploys an AI-driven logistics solution called "COLO," and has a team of logistics experts to address complex industry challenges.

Through this partnership, Colosseum and Hyosung Ventures intend to collaborate on projects such as implementing Colosseum's logistics system in Hyosung's subsidiaries in Vietnam and other international markets. 

Jinsu Park, co-founder and CEO of Colosseum, commented on the company's plans to accelerate growth by positioning itself as an intelligent logistics technology provider that proactively addresses the needs of the e-commerce market.

Hyosung Ventures seeks innovative partners in logistics solutions, AI, batteries, and other future-oriented fields for its first startup investment in 2024. 

Colosseum recently introduced a multiple voting share system, a first for a venture company in South Korea, to ensure stable management rights for global expansion and investment attraction.