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COMEUP 40 Startups Finalized: Global Competition in Tech Landscape

Source: Korea Startup Forum

Seoul, South Korea - The "COMEUP 40" lineup has been finalized by the Korea Startup Forum (Korea Startup Forum), the orchestrator of COMEUP Stars 2023.

These startups will compete on the main stage in November, marking an essential stage in the global startup ecosystem.

The selected companies represent multiple industries, including semiconductors, generative AI, biotech, agri-tech, and big data, potentially reflecting the broader technology landscape.

Why it matters:

Confirming the "COMEUP 40" is part of the ongoing COMEUP Stars 2023 process, which is expected to culminate in November.

This year's process included a preliminary pitching competition for the "COMEUP 100," consisting of 100 Rookie League startups.

Prominent VCs and accelerators evaluated with a strong focus on market potential, innovation, and growth.

This year, for the first time, the preliminary round included investor-startup matching and mentoring.

SoftBank Ventures Asia and IMM Investment successfully mentored several startups, demonstrating the growth potential of the COMEUP 40.

The Key Points

  • 40 startups from 10 countries were selected to participate in COMEUP Stars 2023, a competitive event organized by the Korea Startup Forum.
  • A preliminary pitching competition involving 100 Rookie League startups was held onsite and online and was judged by over 20 top venture capitalists (VCs) and accelerators.
  • SoftBank Ventures Asia and IMM Investment selected seven startups for the "COMEUP 40".
  • The COMEUP 40 will participate in further mentoring and a preview event of VIP conferences, investor meetings, and networking opportunities with Busan startups.

The Big Picture

The "COMEUP 40" includes companies such as "Os," which works on plasma semiconductor equipment manufacturing technology, "METLiT," which deals with AI data analysis, "HydroArt," which focuses on various fields such as food safety, and "Filmplace," a film location reservation platform.

The selected startups will now participate in the COMEUP Preview event, including various activities and networking opportunities. Sungjin Choi, CEO of Korea Startup Forum, highlighted the diverse innovation of the "COMEUP 40," the "Alumni Day" event on August 18 featured Q&A sessions with key startup players.

Overall, COMEUP Stars 2023 provides a window into the startup ecosystem's current technology trends and growth sectors.

It's a collaborative and competitive initiative that aligns with industry needs and provides a platform to showcase emerging technologies and innovations.