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COMPUTEX 2023: Unveiling Future Tech & Sustainability

Source: Computex

​​Why It Matters: COMPUTEX 2023, a major technology event, kicks off at Taipei's Nangang Exhibition Center, underscoring its importance in the global technology scene and its role in promoting Taiwan's technology industry.

The Key Points

  • The event brings together over 1,000 manufacturers from 26 countries in 3,000 booths, marking a major global gathering in the post-pandemic era.

  • The conference will focus on six key themes: high-performance computing, AI applications, next-generation connectivity, hyper-reality, innovation and startups, and sustainability.

  • Keynote speakers from top technology companies such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm will contribute to discussions on emerging technology trends.

  • Sustainability efforts are prominent, with an ESG GO! initiative featuring certified exhibitors and a partnership with Acer for an energy-saving app that pledges to plant trees in the Amazon for every download.

The Big Picture: Taiwan's ICT industry plays a pivotal role in global semiconductor development, combining engineering technology, mass production capabilities, and timely delivery.

As such, COMPUTEX 2023 provides an ideal platform for international technology manufacturers, startups, and buyers to network and explore future technology opportunities.

The focus on sustainability efforts, embodied by the ESG GO! initiative, demonstrates the event's commitment to aligning with global carbon reduction targets.

This convergence of technology innovation and sustainability underscores the critical role of technology in addressing today's pressing global challenges.