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Daangn Launches Nationwide "Neighbor Advertising" Feature

Source: Daangn

Seoul, South Korea — Daangn, a prominent local community platform in South Korea, has announced the nationwide rollout of its "Neighbor Advertising" beta feature. 

The feature aims to enhance the user experience and provide targeted solutions for sellers. 

Daangn conducted a one-year trial of the feature in the Jeju, Busan, and Daegu regions, demonstrating its effectiveness and gauging user demand. 

The posts utilizing the feature during the test period exhibited a threefold increase in average views, a twofold rise in interest, and a 30% increase in the average number of chats. 

User feedback indicated that the feature was particularly beneficial for those engaged in the sale of items with upgrade cycles or who need to dispose of items in a timely manner. 

The feature's algorithmic functionality enables the optimal display of posts to potential buyers, thereby enhancing the probability of a sale. 

Advertisements may be created based on the user's sales history or the item's image. 

Prices commence at KRW 3,000 (approximately  US$ 2.19), with a minimum item price of KRW 100,000 (approximately US$ 73) required for advertising eligibility. 

Sellers can monitor the results of their advertisements in real time and receive notifications and final reports upon the conclusion of their advertisements. 

Daangn developed the feature after a year of experimentation and user feedback. The objective was to create a more streamlined and efficient trading experience.

  • US$1= KRW1369.99