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Doosan Robotics Showcases AI Cobots and Dart-Suite at CES 2024

Source: Doosan Robotics

Las Vegas, NV - Doosan Robotics Inc, a manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), showcased its latest cobot and AI technologies at CES 2024 in Las Vegas under the theme "Think. Synchronize. Connect." 

The company's presentation, which took place January 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, marked its debut at CES Media Day.

The event highlighted Doosan Robotics' approach to integrating AI with cobots to create a safe, innovative, and cohesive ecosystem. 

This integration represents a shift in robotics, bringing together AI, cobot, and software platform technologies to create a new user experience.

The Details: Dart-Suite and Al Cobots

Dart-Suite, Doosan Robotics' new robot ecosystem platform, is at the heart of this evolution. 

Dart-Suite is designed to enhance cobot capabilities by integrating AI and making advanced technology accessible to a broader audience. 

It provides an environment where users can develop, sell, download, and trigger actions through various interfaces, transforming robots from static tools to dynamic partners.

Dart-Suite's integrated development environment (IDE) allows users to create custom modules similar to mobile app development. 

This platform reduces development time by up to 80%, and its ease of use has been compared to smartphones, marking a shift in the robotics user experience.

Doosan Robotics also showcased its AI cobots, which are tailored for manufacturing, logistics, food and beverage, architecture, filmmaking, service industries, and medical environments. 

These cobots aim to improve efficiency, safety, and creativity in various tasks. 

The AI system in these cobots is designed to learn and update, continuously facilitating seamless integration.

What They Say: 

William Ryu, CEO of Doosan Robotics, emphasized the strategic importance of launching Dart-Suite at CES, noting its potential to serve multiple industries and consumers. 

He highlighted the platform's customizable functionality and role in demonstrating its cobot line's capabilities.

The Partnership:

The company has partnered with global leaders in their respective fields to develop and commercialize AI cobot solutions. 

These include the AI-powered recycling cobot "Oscar the Sorter," winner of the 2024 CES Innovation Award. 

Developed with TDK Qeexo, Oscar the Sorter autonomously learns and sorts products, even recognizing crushed items.

Another innovation is 'Otto Matic,' a depalletizing and palletizing solution that can handle different box sizes. 

This solution, developed by AiV, incorporates deep learning and computer vision technology. 

Also displayed were 'Mixmaster Moodie,' a bartending cobot powered by Microsoft's ChatGPT, and Bridgestone's 'Tetote,' a soft robotic hand with a cocktail recommendation system.