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DOSI Citizen Membership Program Launches in Japan

Source: LINE Xenesis

DOSI, a global non-fungible token (NFT) platform, announced the launch of the DOSI Citizen Membership Program in Japan.

LINE Xenesis Corporation is operating DOSI. The program allows users to act as DOSI citizens and earn various rewards by participating in the platform’s ecosystem.

Since integrating the LINE BITMAX wallet with the DOSI wallet in March 2023, LINE Xenesis has been preparing to expand DOSI-related services to users in Japan.

The DOSI Citizen program has gained global popularity, with over 3.5 million registered accounts and 20 million participants in DOSI Adventures events.

DOSI Citizen users can earn membership points, called DON, based on their contribution to the platform.

These points can be used to upgrade Citizen NFTs and participate in DOSI Adventures events where they can win various NFTs as prizes.

Users can increase the DON they receive by upgrading and owning multiple Citizen NFTs.

DON can be earned by daily check-ins, inviting friends, and purchasing NFTs on the platform. Ethereum payments linked to MetaMask are required for NFT purchases.

To celebrate the launch of DOSI Citizen in Japan, LINE Xenesis is hosting a Citizen NFT airdrop event, offering free Citizen NFTs for new DOSI Wallet account registrations.

LINE Xenesis plans to introduce more DOSI-related services in Japan, starting with the DOSI Web3 fan community service AVA.

As the NFT market grows, the expansion of DOSI Citizen and related services demonstrates LINE Xenesis’ commitment to providing users with innovative digital assets and blockchain solutions.

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