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Global Innovation on Display at 'ComeUp Stars 2023' Startup Event

Source: Korea Startup Forum

Why it matters: The ComeUp Stars 2023 program, overseen by the Korea Startup Forum, will host 150 selected startups from a competitive application pool of 960 hopefuls from 53 countries.

This gathering of international talent aims to showcase a global perspective on innovation in various sectors, which is crucial for the progress and growth of the startup ecosystem.

The Key Points

  • The selected startups represent diverse fields, including software, healthcare, bio, commerce, energy, sustainability, and advertising.
  • They were selected based on their products and services marketability, innovation, and growth potential.
  • The startups will be divided into three different leagues: the Rookie League for early-stage startups with less than KRW 1 billion in cumulative investment; the Academy League for startups affiliated with universities; and the Rocket League, which consists of Series A and B startups recommended by ComeUp's top investors.
  • The 150 selected startups will begin full acceleration on July 10.
  • Specifically, Rookie League participants will compete in a preliminary pitch in August, with 40 teams advancing to the main stage in November.

The Big Picture: The ComeUp Stars 2023 program, hosted by the Korea Startup Forum, will continue contributing to the global startup landscape by recognizing and nurturing high-potential startups.

This initiative will culminate in a momentous event, ComeUp 2023, held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from November 8-10 and broadcast on the ComeUp YouTube channel.

This marks an important milestone in developing global startups, contributing to international collaboration and competition among innovators.