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Google Japan Employees Form Union Amid Potential Job Cuts

Photo by Mitchell Luo / Unsplash

Employees at Google Japan have formed a union.

This is the first time a union has been formed at Google Japan.

The union, officially known as the Google Japan Union, includes Japanese and foreign employees, including affiliates.

The union said it expects to have more than 50 members by March. It plans to file a request for collective bargaining with the Japanese subsidiary on Feb. 28 and urges its affiliates to do the same.

The union’s formation comes amid potential layoffs as Google’s parent company, Alphabet, plans to cut more than 6% of its total workforce or about 12,000 employees.

Job cuts are also expected at Google’s Japanese subsidiary.

Some employees reportedly received emails from representatives of the company’s Japanese operations on the morning of February 2, informing them of a program that would allow them to receive additional benefits if they agreed to resign within two weeks.

The union expressed concern about the layoffs, saying that many workers are worried about their family lives and maintaining their work visas.

They must also maintain a company culture that allows them to work in peace to provide services to users worldwide.

“There’s no reason to lay off so many people when we’re making a profit,” said one employee. “It’s unfortunate that unnecessary layoffs are causing unnecessary stress.”

The union is a branch of the Tokyo Union of Management Employees. It remains to be seen how the union’s formation will affect Google’s operations in Japan and the potential job cuts.

As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, the impact on the workforce and labor movements will likely remain an important topic of discussion.

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