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Honda Bets Big on Sleek 0 Series EVs for 2026 Launch

Source: Honda

Las Vegas, Nevada / Tokyo, Japan - Honda's recent announcement at CES 2024 of its "0 Series" electric vehicles (EVs), set to launch in North America in 2026, marks a new direction in EV design and technology.

Why it matters:

Introducing the "0 Series" indicates a significant shift in approach to electric vehicle design, reflecting Honda's evolving strategy in the rapidly changing automotive landscape.

The Key Points:

Concept models: As the flagship model, the sedan offers a spacious interior, a wide range of sustainable materials, and advanced features. The Space Hub is designed to enhance daily life, focusing on space and connectivity.

New Honda "H" Mark: A redesigned logo accompanies the "0 Series", symbolizing Honda's commitment to innovation in EV technology.

Technological advancements: The series will incorporate advanced driver assistance systems, connected technologies using AI, improved aerodynamics for performance, and efficient, sustainable battery technology.

Technical Details

ADAS and automated driving: Incorporating technologies from Honda SENSING Elite, the "0 Series" will feature advanced driver assistance systems. By the late 2020s, the lineup will include next-generation automated driving features available on more affordable models.

Connected technologies: An original operating system will personalize the driving experience, using AI and driver data to make intelligent suggestions and provide last-mile route guidance.

Enhanced aerodynamics and performance: Drawing on motorsport experience, these models will feature sophisticated aerodynamic technologies for unprecedented performance in electrified vehicles.

Battery efficiency and sustainability: Using battery system control technology, Honda aims to minimize battery capacity loss to less than 10% after ten years.

What comes next?

In addition to the two concept models, the Sedan and the Space Hub, Honda introduced a new global EV series called the Honda 0 Series. 

Symbolizing the company's bold new direction and fresh approach to design and engineering ("starting from scratch"), the first models will arrive in the North American market starting in 2026.

For Honda 0 Series models launched in the late 2020s, fast charging from 15% to 80% of battery capacity will be reduced to approximately 10-15 minutes.