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Hyundai, JTC Partner for Singapore's JID Mobility

Source: Hyundai Motor Group YouTube

Seoul, South Korea - Hyundai Motor Group Partners with JTC on the Singapore Mobility Project.

Why It Matters

Hyundai Motor Group's completed project is an example of how data can inform the planning of a smart city's transportation infrastructure.

With a focus on the Bulim precinct in JID and the Jurong West residential complex, the Group has shown that collaborations between corporate entities and governmental institutions can result in comprehensive transport solutions based on real-world data and metrics.

The Key Points

  • Hyundai Motor Group and JTC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in January 2022, targeting the development of smart transport models for JID.
  • The Group meticulously examined current transportation data, future population projections, employment types, and regional development plans for this project.
  • The data was collected from over 1,300 interviews and surveys conducted within the JID, further aiding in creating forecasts that indicate a potential gap between supply and demand for public transportation in the next decade.
  • Based on the gathered information, Hyundai and JTC evaluated various future mobility modes, including demand-response services, robotaxis, roboshuttles, and personal mobility devices.
  • Post-evaluation, roboshuttles emerged as the optimal choice for future operations, considering both user preferences and effective traffic management.

What They Say

Hyeyoung Kim, Vice President and Head of the Smart City Planning Group of Hyundai Motor Group, suggested that this project lays the foundation for future smart city projects in other ASEAN markets.
Anil Das, Director of Logistics and Land Transport Cluster at JTC, added that the findings would help JTC plan more efficient car-lite districts.

The Big Picture

While the immediate focus is on JID, the project's implications extend beyond Singapore.

In terms of disseminating the findings, Hyundai plans to release videos detailing the project's methodology and outcomes, which will be accessible through its YouTube channel.

The partnership between Hyundai Motor Group and JTC underscores the utility of data-driven approaches in urban planning, potentially serving as a model for future collaborations between corporations and city planners in developing practical and sustainable transport solutions.