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Hyundai Motor Group Bets on AI with Tenstorrent Stake for Mobility Evolution

Source: Hyundai Motor Group

Seoul, South Korea - Hyundai Motor Group has invested in AI semiconductor company Tenstorrent.

Why it matters:

Hyundai Motor Group has invested in Toronto-based AI semiconductor company Tenstorrent. The move demonstrates Hyundai's strategy to integrate artificial intelligence into its future vehicle offerings.

The key points

  • Hyundai and Kia's joint investment in Tenstorrent totals $50 million.
  • The funds will be used to advance Tenstorrent's AI chip design and machine learning software roadmap.
  • Beyond cars, Hyundai intends to integrate AI into broader mobility solutions, including robotics and advanced air mobility (AAM).
  • Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation's investments are $30 million and $20 million, respectively, and led Tenstorrent's recent $100 million funding round.

The Big Picture:

Hyundai's investment is part of a more significant trend of automotive companies integrating high-tech solutions into their vehicles.

The partnership with Tenstorrent will focus on developing optimized semiconductors for CPUs and NPUs to be used in future technology-driven vehicles.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Group had previously established a semiconductor development group, underscoring its commitment to semiconductor advancements in mobility.

Founded in 2016, Tenstorrent specializes in developing processors for AI and ML applications and is led by CEO Jim Keller, who has extensive experience in the semiconductor industry.

This collaboration will strengthen Tenstorrent's presence in the automotive sector.