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Hyundai, Toray Partner for Material Innovation in Mobility

Source: Hyundai Motor Group

Seoul, South Korea - Hyundai Motor Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Toray Industries, Inc., a pioneer in carbon fiber and composite technology, to advance materials innovation for the future of mobility. 

The partnership aims to leverage Toray's expertise in advanced materials to develop lightweight and high-strength solutions for the automotive industry.

The collaboration will focus on joint research and development efforts to create innovative materials that meet the automotive sector's evolving needs, particularly in electrification and sustainability. 

Hyundai aims to gain a competitive edge in the global market by combining its automotive expertise with Toray's materials technology capabilities.

The partnership with Toray is a critical component of Hyundai's comprehensive approach to future mobility, which extends beyond electrification and software-defined vehicles to include fundamental advances in materials technology. 

Toray Industries, known for its global leadership in carbon fiber, has developed innovative technologies and materials focused on electrification and sustainability to meet customers' needs in the ever-evolving automotive industry.