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Kakao Entertainment Expands Global Reach with Ambitious Development Slate

Photo by Tyler Casey / Unsplash

Kakao Entertainment is poised to make a big splash in the global entertainment industry with its ambitious plans to develop 30 movies and TV series this year.

This year’s lineup is more extensive than the 20 titles produced last year and includes some 12 titles already confirmed for release on global streaming platforms, in cinemas, and on TV.

The remaining titles are expected to be confirmed soon.

Jang Se-Jeong, head of scripted content at Kakao Entertainment, said, “We will continue to expand our studio system and strengthen synergies with our subsidiaries’ incredibly talented creatives and production capabilities. This will allow us to diversify our premium content further and expand our presence in the global entertainment industry.”

Having captivated audiences worldwide last year with series such as “Narco-Saints” and “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” Kakao Entertainment is looking to replicate its success with its partnerships with global OTT players.

Some of the projects have already secured streaming deals, including the Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature,” “Song of the Bandits,” and the movie “The Match.”

In addition, the Disney+ original series “Race” and “The Worst of Evil” will premiere this year, raising high expectations worldwide.

Kakao Entertainment’s upcoming projects range from ultra-large thrillers to intimate love stories, from spy action films to office dramas.

The company is also working to build a more vibrant film production catalog, with films such as “Hopeless,” “Cross,” “The Plot (working title),” and “Nocturnal.”

In addition, Kakao Entertainment is also accelerating the planning and production of content based on its original story IPs, co-producing the drama adaptation of the webtoon “Not Others (working title)” and the love story “Our Blooming Youth.”

Kakao Entertainment is poised to take the world by storm and cement its reputation as a global production studio.

With its multi-label system, the company is confident that it can present several mega-hits and make a name for itself in the competitive entertainment world.

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