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Kakao Entertainment's Task Force Achieves Major Success in Battling Webtoon Piracy in Indonesia

Source: Kakao Entertainment

Kakao Entertainment‘s Global Webtoon Illegal Distribution Task Force has achieved significant results in the fight against unauthorized distribution in Indonesia.

The company, which established the industry’s first dedicated task force, manually reported and blocked more than 15,000 illegal items in Indonesia, shut down 206 Telegram groups, shut down 13 large illegal translation groups, and closed 32 related donation channels.

In Indonesia, where copyright awareness is low, the task force combined awareness-raising campaigns with qualitative responses to infringements through local travel and undercover investigations.

Kakao Entertainment manually monitored and cracked down on various platforms such as donation services, chat services, linking services, illegal sites, Telegram, and Discord, which are difficult to police.

The task force’s efforts have closed several large-scale illegal translation sites, with the operators declaring that they will no longer translate Kakao Webtoon.

In addition, the team conducted in-depth interviews with operators and users of illegal sites in Indonesia to understand better local copyright awareness and distribution channels for illegal goods.

Kakao Entertainment’s task force is also systematically taking down illegal sites in South Korea, English-speaking countries, and Greater China.

Greater China alone has taken down 70,680 illegal sites in just three months.

Kakao Entertainment remains committed to protecting the rights of webtoon and web novel creators and creating a healthy ecosystem.

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