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Kakao Mobility Expands Global Footprint with Launch of Laos Service Platform.

Photo by Pascal Müller / Unsplash

Kakao Mobility, a South Korean mobility platform, has announced plans to build a local service platform in Laos to compete with Southeast Asian companies such as Go-Jek and Grab.

The move is part of Kakao’s more extensive global expansion, which began with directly applying Kakao T technology infrastructure in Guam in 2022.

The company has signed a business agreement with LVMC Holdings, the largest private company in Laos, to build a platform exclusively for the local market.

Laos is considered a prime location for competition in Southeast Asia due to its geographical location and unlimited potential as a hub for overland trade and power generation.

However, Laos’ public transportation infrastructure currently needs to be improved.

Kakao Mobility plans to address this issue by bringing its advanced expertise in data analytics and technology-based service operations.

The company aims to complete the establishment of a service platform in Laos by the end of the year and provide mobility services adapted to the local market environment.

Kakao Mobility’s entry into the global market began with Kakao T Roaming, which is currently available in 32 countries and continuously expands its service areas.

The company also plans to launch an inbound roaming service for foreigners visiting Korea.

Demand for Kakao T Roaming has increased significantly since the end of the epidemic. In Japan alone, the number of completed operations has risen more than 27 times.

The company’s success in Laos could pave the way for future expansion into other Southeast Asian markets.

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