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Kakaomobility, GS Global Partner for Green Mobility and Recycling Ecosystem

Photo by Noah Buscher / Unsplash

Kakaomobility has partnered with GS Global to create a green mobility and recycling ecosystem.

The collaboration will focus on promoting electric vehicles (EVs) and using and recycling used batteries by combining Kakaomobility’s platform with GS Global’s infrastructure and automobile import and sales expertise.

The companies aim to increase the convenience of EV users while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

The partnership will initially focus on developing a comprehensive green vehicle solution for EV users, including expanding the EV product line and providing charging services.

GS Global, an importer and EV seller plans to make sales more accessible to the public through Kakaomobility’s “Kakao T” platform while providing related EV services.

The collaboration will also address ESG management for sustainable growth, with both companies working together on using and recycling used batteries.

The spent battery recycling business is gaining traction as an environmentally friendly alternative to address the global supply chain crisis and rising raw material prices driven by the rapid growth of the EV market.

Recycling spent batteries by extracting essential metals such as nickel, cobalt, and lithium could partially alleviate the raw material shortage problem.

Kakaomobility has been working on various green mobility programs, converting about 10,000 taxis to electric vehicles by the end of last year and continuously expanding its electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Through its partnership with GS Global, Kakaomobility aims to advance further green mobility initiatives, including increasing the supply of green vehicles and recycling used batteries.

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