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KOCOWA+ Expands K-Pop Library with HYBE Partnership

Source: Kocowa+

Los Angeles, CA - KOCOWA+, the largest streaming platform for South Korean content outside of South Korea, has partnered with HYBE to bring new shows featuring global K-Pop stars to its platform. 

The partnership will add 18 new shows to KOCOWA+'s extensive library of over 10,000 hours of K-Pop content.

In May, KOCOWA+ will begin featuring programs created by HYBE artists, including members of the bands BTS and SEVENTEEN. 

The additions include travel shows, stage performances, reality series, and fan meet-ups. 

The KOCOWA+ CEO posited that the partnership with the esteemed HYBE was a logical consequence of adding SEVENTEEN and further BTS content to the platform's existing content portfolio.

KOCOWA+ is a joint venture between South Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC, SBS, and SK Square Americas. 

The platform offers over 50,000 hours of South Korean dramas, movies, reality shows, and K-Pop content to American, European, and Oceania audiences.