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KT Launches Super-Sized AI Mi:dm in Enterprise Market

Source: KT Corporation

Seoul, South Korea - KT (NYSE: KT) has developed Mi:dm, a new suite of enterprise-class artificial intelligence (AI) models. 

With up to trillions of parameters, Mi:dm represents KT's first foray into large-scale language models comparable to systems used by global Big Tech companies.

Why it matters: 

The explosion in demand for AI, driven by generative AI, is becoming a race to acquire LLM and respond at scale. 

Unlike AI models based on the English and Latin families and Chinese, the most spoken language by population, Northeast Asian languages are in a nutcracker position. 

Because of the uniqueness of the Korean language, the moves of South Korea-based tech companies are gaining market attention. 

The Key Points

  • KT's new AI suite, Mi:dm, is entering a market for large-scale language models that is expected to be worth $1.3 trillion by 2032. KT aims to drive AI innovation in manufacturing, finance, government, and other sectors.
  • KT introduces Mi:dm, an AI suite of customizable and scalable models. Mi:dm offers four models with up to trillions of parameters that can be customized to meet business needs.
  • Mi:dm provides specialized portals to streamline business development and reduce costs. The suite claims to minimize errors in generative AI by up to 70%.
  • KT provides access to Mi:dm through its KT Cloud platform, which is optimized for efficient AI deployment. Differentiating features include full fine-tuning capabilities and proprietary techniques to reduce AI errors.

What They Say:

According to Jaeho Song, senior executive vice president of KT's AI/DX convergence business unit, Mi:dm aligns with South Korea's broader goals to lead digital transformation. 

IDC Korea forecasts that the domestic AI market could reach KRW 4.4 trillion by 2027.

What Comes Next?

KT plans to integrate Mi:dm into its internal business processes, including customer service and marketing. 

It also focuses on global expansion, recently collaborating with Thailand's Jasmine Group on a Thai language model. 

Realizing returns on its AI investment while addressing ethical issues will be a critical challenge for KT in the competitive AI market.

Meanwhile, some experts warn that KT faces stiff competition from big tech companies and must prove Mi:dm's real-world business value.