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LG Electronics Expands Energy-Saving Auto-DR to U.S.

Source: LG Electronics

LG Electronics expands energy-saving service to U.S.

Why it matters: LG Electronics is expanding its energy-saving Auto-Demand Response (Auto-DR) service to California, New York, and Texas.

The expansion leverages the company's smart home platform, LG ThinQ, with a focus on reducing energy consumption during peak hours.

The Key Points

  • Auto-DR, a program that helps save energy by controlling home appliances, is launched in the U.S. after successful implementation in Seoul and Naju, South Korea.
  • The service is integrated with the LG ThinQ app, allowing users to monitor and manage their home's energy consumption effectively.
  • LG has partnered with OhmConnect, an energy solutions provider with an established platform serving more than 200,000 U.S. households.
  • LG's ThinQ app also offers an Energy Usage Tracker service that displays real-time and historical energy usage data and allows users to set monthly energy usage goals.

The Big Picture: This move by LG Electronics reflects an industry-wide shift toward using innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency.

The company's commitment to improving home energy management through technology aligns with an ongoing global trend emphasizing sustainability and conservation.

This development is significant for eco-conscious consumers, investors, and strategists watching the technology sector's role in addressing sustainability concerns.