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LG U+ and PLANA Partner to Drive Innovation in Urban Air Mobility Data Transmission.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai / Unsplash

LG U+ and start-up PLANA, which specializes in developing aircraft for urban mobility, have signed an agreement to collaborate on communications-based UAM data transmission.

PLANA, a hybrid-electric-powered vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, is developing an aircraft that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 80% compared to conventional helicopters through sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The agreement between LG U+ and PLANA aims to develop technology for data transfer between the UAM traffic management platform and the aircraft and to secure flight data for demonstration flights.

The companies plan to establish a test environment to demonstrate aviation communications technologies and to research and develop the transmission of real-time navigation, aircraft status, and weather data between avionics and traffic management platforms.

The UAM traffic management platform will test urban air traffic management capabilities such as traffic management and collision avoidance.

LG U+ is participating in the Korean government’s K-UAM Grand Challenge demonstration project and aims to improve its UAM traffic management platform through collaboration with PLANA.

The collaboration is expected to lay the foundation for the development of the UAM ecosystem by integrating communications into UAM aircraft to maximize flight safety and customer convenience.

PLANA is developing the only long-range hybrid electric-powered VTOL aircraft in Korea and aims to lead the future market of the UAM industry with its technology.

The company is targeting commercialization in 2028.

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