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LG's TONE Free T90S Earbuds: Elevating Audio with Pure Graphene

Source: LG Electronics

Seoul, South Korea — LG Electronics has announced the global launch of its latest TONE Free T90S earbuds. 

The wireless earbuds incorporate pure graphene drivers, which LG claims enhance sound quality compared to conventional coated graphene drivers.

According to LG, using pure graphene drivers reduces vibrations, enabling well-balanced sound with powerful bass and improved mid-range and high-range frequencies. 

The company asserts that the lightweight graphene ensures a comfortable fit for extended use.

The T90S earbuds are equipped with Dolby Atmos support and represent the inaugural product to offer Dolby Head Tracking technology across all content and devices. 

Dolby Head Tracking is a technology that adapts audio based on the user's head movements, enhancing the user's audio experience. 

The earbuds can support audio at a resolution of up to 24 bits per sample and a sampling rate of 96 kHz. Moreover, the earbuds include a Dolby Atmos Optimizer with three adjustable levels.

LG has partnered with Meridian Audio to incorporate Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) and Perfect Balance technology into the T90S earbuds. 

Moreover, the earbuds are equipped with LG's UVnano charging case, which the company asserts eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the ear gels within 10 minutes of charging.

The T90S has a "Plug & Wireless" feature that enables users to connect to non-Bluetooth devices via included cables. 

The earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth codecs AAC, SBC, and aptX Adaptive and can be multi-paired, allowing the user to connect to two source devices simultaneously.