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Source: LY Corporation

Tokyo, Japan - LY Corporation announced the launch of "LINE AI Assistant," a new AI-powered service integrated into LINE Messenger. 

Powered by OpenAI and other tools, LINE AI Assistant provides users with;

  • AI-powered research: Leverages AI to help with small tasks and planning, making LINE an even more powerful tool.
  • Translation & Summarization: Seamlessly handles various file formats that appeal to global businesses.
  • Visual analysis: Focus on food-related features could be a tie-in with LINE's food-based services.

LINE Yahoo's subscription model, with both free and premium tiers, aims to ensure broad access while monetizing its AI investment.

LINE AI Assistant offers a "Free Plan" (up to 5 AI responses per day, text only) and a "Paid Plan" (JPY 990/month, unlimited use). 

New subscribers to the Paid Plan receive three months at JPY 500/month and a 3-day free trial.