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LINE Doctor Sees Record Hay Fever Consultations in Japan

Source: LINE Doctor

Tokyo, Japan - LINE Healthcare Corporation's online medical service, LINE Doctor, has seen a significant increase in hay fever consultations, recording the highest number of consultations for three consecutive months from December 2023 to February 2024. 

The February figures represent an almost twofold increase compared to the previous year, with hay fever consultations accounting for approximately 30% of all consultations on the platform.

The increasing demand for hay fever treatment via LINE Doctor demonstrates the growing acceptance of online healthcare as an effective means of managing this condition, which affects many Japanese citizens.

The service, accessible through the LINE app, allows users to book appointments, consult with doctors via video calls, and make payments seamlessly.

Since its launch in December 2020, LINE Doctor has expanded its offerings, introducing prescription drug delivery in December 2022 and a reservation feature for picking up prescribed drugs at registered pharmacies in October 2023. 

These additions have contributed to the growing popularity of the platform.

The early start of the pollen season and the doubling of weekend consultations since 2024 have also contributed to the record numbers. 

Online healthcare services like LINE Doctor offer an alternative to in-person consultations for hay fever sufferers, providing convenience and reduced allergen exposure.

With the ability to start a consultation within 5 minutes of booking an appointment, LINE Doctor meets the needs of hay fever sufferers who want quick and accessible medical advice and treatment. 

As online healthcare becomes more prevalent in Japan, services such as LINE Doctor will be increasingly important in managing seasonal diseases such as hay fever.