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LINE Yahoo Integrates GitHub Copilot for 7K Engineers

Photo by Yancy Min / Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan - LINE Yahoo Japan Corporation is deploying GitHub Copilot for Business to its 7,000 engineers starting October 13, 2023. 

Why it matters: 

As the adoption of AI technologies like GitHub Copilot for Business grows, companies are focusing not only on productivity gains but also on ethical implications and risks.

The move is significant because of a study that showed improved productivity metrics.

The Key Points

  • LINE Yahoo conducted a study of 550 engineers from June to August 2023. The results showed a 1-2 hour reduction in daily coding time and a 10-30% increase in activity metrics.
  • Risk control measures include mandatory e-learning modules on the responsible use of AI and multiple layers of code review.
  • E-learning modules focused on responsible AI use and copyright infringement prevention were made mandatory for all engineers to manage the associated risks.
  • Multiple layers of code review have been implemented to ensure the reliability of AI-generated code.

The Policy

At the organizational level, the parent company, Z Holdings, had previously established the "Guidelines for the Use of Generated AI" in March 2023. 

There is also an Expert Committee on AI Ethics, which meets about three times a year to establish guidelines and voluntary rules for the responsible use of AI technologies. 

Takehiro Oya of Keio University chairs this committee and includes experts such as Yusa Ema of the University of Tokyo and Junho Shin of Z Holdings. 

Their work revolves around examining the ethical components of AI and evaluating policies from a legal and technological perspective.