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Marqvision Launches AI-based Trademark Monitoring Service

Source: Marqvision

Seoul, South Korea - Marqvision has officially launched its "Trademark Watch Service(," a real-time SaaS solution that monitors attempted unauthorized trademark filings and suspicious activity.

The service uses patent office databases to compare trademark similarities and provides 24/7 monitoring for identical or similar applications. 

It covers 50 countries, focusing on China and Southeast Asia, where infringement is rampant. 

Alerts are sent via email and dashboard, along with a full suite of services, including preventative measures and in-depth consultation.

Marqvision's advanced AI technology streamlines the process, reducing human resource costs and increasing user convenience. 

Customers can submit the desired brands, countries, and monitoring periods through the company's official website. 

Various fashion, beauty, and F&B brands have already utilized the beta service to prevent unauthorized overseas trademark applications.

Mark (Insup) Lee, CEO of Marqvision, said,

"As K-brands gain global popularity, overseas trademark infringement cases are increasing rapidly. Marqvision aims to be a reliable partner in solving these problems and protecting valuable trademark rights."

Marqvision's mission is to protect all creations and innovations through AI, providing services for creating, managing, and protecting intellectual property rights.

The company also offers "MARQ Commerce" to detect and remove counterfeits in more than 1,500 marketplaces and "MARQ Content" to identify and block illegal online content.