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Naver Adds Credibility Feature to Blog Smart Editor for Authentic Reviews

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - Naver has introduced the "Naver Blog with the product/service I paid for" feature to its Blog Smart Editor.

Why it matters

As some South Korean blog creators have been mixing their generated content as self-produced or paid content, the credibility of the creators' content is losing.

Naver's move could avoid the widespread concern about the trustworthiness of digital content.

The Key Points

  • The feature is designed to enhance the authenticity of blog content and ensure a more transparent and reliable ecosystem for its broad user base.
  • Bloggers can use the feature by clicking on the "Authenticate" icon to submit proof of purchases or visits made within the past year.
  • Approved posts are highlighted with a unique label and authentication banner.
  • The feature is also integrated into several of Naver's platforms, including Smart Store, Pay on Demand, Blog Market, and Naver Grocery.

The Big Picture

The digital age brings challenges in distinguishing between authentic content and potential advertisements.

Naver's recent addition to its Blog Smart Editor allows content creators to authenticate their experiences.

The feature is currently available on PC, with a mobile rollout expected.

To ensure full disclosure, Naver Blog requires creators to be transparent about financial benefits if they're financially compensated for endorsing or reviewing a product.

In an initiative called "Check-in Challenge," the platform also encourages users to document and share their genuine feedback on places they've visited, furthering the cause of authentic content distribution.