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Naver, Aramco Digital Partner for MENA Tech Push

Source: Naver

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Naver has announced a strategic partnership with Aramco Digital, part of the global energy company Saudi Aramco. 

The collaboration aims to accelerate digital innovation and transformation across the Middle East and North Africa, focusing on Saudi Arabia.

Key aspects of the partnership include the development of a sovereign cloud solution and a "super app" tailored to the region. 

In addition, Naver and Aramco Digital will work on Arabic language-based artificial intelligence solutions. 

A key focus will be developing Arabic language-based AI solutions using Naver's Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities.

Naver will contribute its cloud technology, AI, and digital services expertise. The company's existing technologies will be adapted to the Arabic language and cultural context of the Middle East. 

There are plans to collaborate on smart buildings and cities using Naver's cloud, robotics, and digital twin technologies. 

The agreement underscores Naver's global growth ambitions and Aramco Digital's commitment to technology innovation in the region.