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Naver Cloud-Telkom Data Ekosistem-Cisco partner to build Telco Cloud in Indonesia

Source: Telkom Data Ekosistem

Naver Cloud has signed an MOU with Telkom Data Ekosistem (NeutraDC) and Cisco to build a telco cloud in Indonesia.

The partnership aims to provide Indonesia with reliable and efficient cloud-based services by building a robust digital infrastructure consisting of digital services, global standard data centers, and secure networks.

This project is expected to accelerate Naver Cloud’s expansion into the Southeast Asian market.

Naver Cloud has recently expanded its business to the Southeast Asian region, taking the lead in creating an Asian cloud ecosystem.

Earlier this year, the company partnered strategically with Singaporean telecommunications company StarHub.

The collaboration with Telkom Data Ecosystem will serve as a springboard to expand overseas markets in Singapore and Indonesia, bringing the company closer to its goal of becoming one of the top three CSPs in the region.

Telkom Data Ecosystem CEO, Andreuw Th. A.F., said the collaboration and sharing of technical expertise between the three companies would help local businesses in Indonesia become more agile and cost-effective in their digital business.

Sanjay Kaul, General Manager, Service Provider (SP) Business, Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), Cisco, added that by combining their industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies, they could deliver the best telco cloud solutions in Indonesia and create a new model for economic growth.

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